6 Worst Baseball Injuries Of All Time


For a neutral observer, baseball is usually a safe game when it comes to injuries. With physical contact at its minimal, baseball isn’t listed in the same bracket of football and rugby. Having said that, a mere glance at its history suggests that baseball isn’t as safe as most people think it is.

worst baseball injuries

As you might expect, the majority of injuries have happened to strikers/batters. People usually blame bowlers but sometimes the strikers are also guilty. In their quest to change the course of the game, the batters usually get out of their comfort zone.

However, whatever the reason, these injuries have deprived the game of some major names over the years. Therefore, it is customary upon us to take a look at the players who suffered while playing the beautiful game. 

Below mentioned are 6 worst baseball injuries.

6 worst baseball injuries

1. Bobby Valentine – California Angels

Although he started his career with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Valentine’s career took off when he signed with the Angels. However, unfortunately for Valentine, this injury hampered his game at the epitome of his career with the Angels.

During a game in the 1973 season, Valentine was not named in the squad. To his ill-luck, Valentine was called on from the bench to replace an injured teammate.

It was on that fateful day that Valentine suffered an injury which would define the rest of his career. While chasing a home run, Valentine lost his footing and went tumbling on the ground. This fall led to two compound fractures on his leg, marring his game for the rest of his career.

2. J.A. Happ – Toronto Blue Jays

In the most unfortunate of fashions, Happ suffered the most harrowing injury of his career in a game against Tampa Bay Rays last summer.

Known for his ferocious line drives, Desmond Jennings hit one on that day. Happ came in the line of the ball with the ball lacerating his right ear. Within moments, his face was full of blood with Happ on the ground.

Later on, scans would reveal that the hit also fractured his skull and caused the spraining of his MCL and PCL. Moreover, the ball also lacerated his left area. Thankfully for his fans, the Illinois-born pitcher was able to get back in the game.

3. Tony Saunders – Tampa Bay Devil Rays

At just 25-years of age, Tony Saunders was looked as a potential young talent for the Devil Rays. However, once he suffered an arm injury in 1999 against the Texas Rangers, his career went south.

In an effort to throw a wild pitch, Saunders dislocated his arm and immediately dropped to the ground in pain.

Being carried off the pitch, Saunders talked with his father to epitomize the hopes of his fans. While he made a comeback in the same season, Saunders then suffered another injury on the same arm the following season. Saunders then retired from the game at the age of 26.

4. Bryce Florie – Red Sox

In a game against Yankees, Bryce Florie was hit in the face off the liner which came from the bat of Ryan Thompson. Although he immediately went down to the ground, Florie set up after a minute. Blood was streaming from his face and eye, with a dislocated cheekbone and orbital socket as the culprits.

Remembered the incident, Florie admits that he was unsure of what hit him in the early seconds after the injury.

“I just knew my head felt like it was on fire,” he says. “It was horrific. Everything went silent”

Immediately taken off the field in a golf cart, Florie talked with his father before being taken off the field. As evinced by the horror images of his injury, Florie had to undergo an operation to rectify the damage. In addition to breaking his cheekbone, the injury also did significant damage to his eye socket.

5. Tony Congilaro – Boston Red Sox

For a player who hit 32 home runs in a single season in 1965, the next few years of his career were painful, to say the least, for the batter. Just two years after setting this record, he was hit straight in the eye by a fastball off Jack Hamilton.

In addition to breaking his cheekbone and damaging his eye, the ferocious delivery also dislocated his jaw. Consequently, he spent the remainder of that season on the sidelines. While he made a comeback after some time, Congilaro was unable to get rid of the problems which plagued his vision. As a result, he retired at a tender age of 26.

6. Juan Encarnacion – Cardinals

According to the medical director of the St. Louis Cardinals, the injury which forced Juan Encarnacion to retire early was the worst he has ever seen in the history of the game.

The injury happened in August 2007 when a fastball from his teammate’s bat struck the side of his head. While he tried his best to cover his head, the impact of the ball crushed his eye socket. Consequently, he was never able to feature in another MLB game.

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