Welcome to fansroar.com. We decided to choose the name as fansroar because we are crazy about baseball and we love to shout while watching the game. The beauty of the game is immeasurable.

This website is our platform to share our thoughts and opinion on different sports products. We are nerds who love to review sports products. Our goal is to give you people the honest review about baseball bats and other sports accessories as well. We honestly hope that our review and expert opinion will help you choose the best baseball bats out in the market.

Why us?

Well as we mentioned earlier we are nerds of sports. While we were doing surfing the net for our own thrust of knowledge about baseball, we found some really valuable information. So one day we came up with the idea.

Why not share our knowledge with you people? So we started digging deep and later on we made this website. So if you want real and correct information about baseball and other sports product, we are the one for you.

What are you going to get?

Well, we are not a supplier of sports product. So we cannot sell you any products. What we can do is provide you with our knowledge. Below are some of the thing that we will provide on our site.

· A complete Review of different sports product.

· Updated product lists with their unique features.

· Comparison between different baseball bats.

· A proper buying guide.

· And learn how to maintain your kits.

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