Baseball Hitting Tips: How to Have More Success


Depending on how you set yourself up and your batting stance, there is a myriad of ways of hitting a baseball with efficacy. However, once you get to the contact point – where the ball meets the bat, that is where the aforementioned tips would come handy for you. Therefore, by keeping aside the factors i.e. leg kicks, pre-pitch rhythm, and pre-pitch movement, we have devised some baseball hitting tips which would help all batters alike.

baseball hitting tips

Thus, while you play with a very open stance, a wide stance, or a closed one, these tips would prove to be equally fruitful for you. Below mentioned are the 6 baseball hitting tips to have more success.

6 Baseball Hitting Tips

With years of experience and passion for the game we have managed to form a list of 6 tips. If you follow the below-mentioned tips you are almost certain to get more success. Let's take a look at them.

Always hit against a firm forward-facing side

To follow this tip, you don’t have to keep your front leg stiff. Instead, you can also bend it. However, it is imperative that your front side – the leg and the body- remains firm when you’re about to hit. If you would do it, an axis of rotation will start, which would enable you in hitting the ball more cleanly. Moreover, with a firm front side comes a static head. Hence, when your front side, as well as the head, would be static, you would be in a much better position to hit the ball.

However, the moment your front side shakes, the axis of rotation will stop and your head movement would increase. Consequently, your hitting will suffer.

Keep your head in the middle of your feet

To follow this routine – think of your two feet and head as a triangle. Try to complete this triangle by keeping your head right in the middle of your feet. In addition to providing your eyes the opportunity to trace the trajectory of the ball, a steady head would also allow you to rotate on an axis of rotation. As a result, your hitting would improve vastly.

Plant your elbow against your side

If you look at the best players, you would notice one thing in common: their elbow is normally planted against their side. This is not a coincidence. Instead, it is a time-tested technique which the veterans of the game apply to acquire more hitting success.

While many of those players might not know it, placing your elbow against your body gives you more power. As a result, your body will empower your elbow to create more torque. Consequently, the hitting distances will also increase.

However, if your elbow is placed away from your body, you’ll be inadvertently losing more power. Consequently, you’ll be allowing the force of baseball to apply more power against your bat.


Be it in the hitting drills, fast pitching machines or on bullpens, you need to prepare your eyes and brain for seeing the trajectory of the ball. When you would adjust your eyes to follow the ball, your brain would follow suit. As a result, no matter how fast or slow the ball is pitched to you in the actual game, your mind would be ready to intercept it.

Have a short stride

As we’ve already talked about the benefits of a good axis of rotation, now we turn our attention on how to maintain it. To do so, have a short stride. There is a myth surrounding the baseball bats that a longer stride increases momentum. Most baseball players seem to follow it, and in doing so, end up with having a longer stride.

A longer stride no doubt increases momentum, however, it does so at the cost of a stable head. While you would sacrifice a bit of momentum with a short stride, it would compensate itself with a steady head. Hence, a short stride is a must-have if you want to keep a steady head.

Keep the hands in palm up, palm down position

If you’re a right-handed batter, your right hand, on gripping the bat, should be directed towards the sky. Your left hand, however, should be facing the ground. As for a left handed player, your right hand should be facing the ground while the left hand should be facing the sky. This tactic would make sure that your bat grip is at its strongest point when the bat makes the contact with the ball.

Final Thoughts

If you follow the tips mentioned above, you are most likely to have more success. Theoretically speaking these tips should be sufficient to improve your game. But we all know that practice is the key to success. So, practice more and enjoy the game.

We hope our small guide on baseball hitting tips helped you improve your game. It would be a pure pleasure to know that we came handy to you.

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