Baseball Swing Tips: How to Add Power to Your Baseball Swing


With all due respects to the pitchers, catchers, and coaches, no individual related to baseball earns as much publicity as hitters. They are the breadwinners, the adrenaline-pumpers, the heart-shakers of the game. If they have a field day, the team might go tumbling. When on the song, one hitter might decide the outcome of the game on his own, taking all other players out of the equation.

Baseball Swing Tips

However, to do so, these players know they need to have a powerful baseball swing. You can have the best baseball bat present in the market, but without such a swing, the preceding scenario is a dream.

9 Useful Baseball Swing Tips that you probably did not know

  • Head to the Gym

With all due respect to me, no one could ever develop a powerful baseball swing just by reading online articles. To do so, hit a gym and develop some muscles. For, if you look at the best hitters of the game, they have a massive chest, bulging biceps, and broad shoulders. All these “elements” are a must-have for a powerful swing.

  • Toughen up your legs

There is a common misconception among hitters that swinging is only concerned with the upper body. Yes, upper body does help, but the power is generated from legs. So, unless you have legs that have toughened up, the power generated will be minimal. To have powerful legs, go for squats, cleans, and lunges.

  • Build your core

If you want to stabilize the upper body, obliques, lower back muscles and abs are necessary. Go for exercises which strengthen these elements of your upper body.

  • Shape forearms and grip

There is no one denying the importance of biceps, however, they don’t come close to a strong grip and forearms. In addition to imparting stability, a good grip also increases the bat swing. So, better toughen them up.

  • Be flexible

Power is important but flexibility also comes close. For, if you have followed your favorite players closely, most of them take dance and yoga classes. If you want to do the same, focus on flexibility as it builds core strength. In this manner, not only will your body remain flexible but your reaction time would also increase. Consequently, your kinetic chain would be kept fluid and powerful.

  • Relax

As much as it is a physical process, relaxing starts from your brain. Some players do yoga in their spare time to relax their body. As for others, they use meditation. Some have phrases i.e. “calm down” to make sure they get a grip on what they’re doing. Similarly, no matter how good a form you’re in, trying to hit home runs on every swing is a perfect recipe for disaster. So, keep calm.

  • Transfer your weight

If you want to generate torque, generate power from your legs by transferring your weight from one leg to the other. The more the torque, the better will be the transformation of energy.

  • Hands close to body

The closer your hands are to your body, the more will be your bat speed and the greater will be the power. Extend them and you lose all of this. Also, your hands’ palms should be facing the sky.

  • Follow through

Many people think that following through is a recipe for making sure your body doesn’t develop cramps. Well, it is more important than that. For, if you have a good follow up, you’ll impart an all-important backspin to the ball, which will carry the ball further.

If you want to be a good hitter, above-mentioned are some techniques which might prove to be useful. Following these routines will surely prove to be rewarding. We hope this article helped you enrich your knowledge about baseball swing tips.

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