3 Absolute Best Batting Gloves Review And Expert Advice

Whether you’ve just started your baseball career or a professional looking to elevate his game, it is imperative that you have the best batting gloves at your disposal. As their name suggests, the best batting gloves are a dream for the batter and a nightmare for the pitcher. Since the best batting gloves won’t make your hands sweaty, provide a perfect grip on the bat, breathable and durable, and comprise of thin and soft leather, these bats have the tendency to markedly improve your game.

best batting gloves

Consequently, if you’re looking for a way to improve your game, spending your money on the best batting gloves seems to be the best bet.

How to Choose Best Batting Gloves – Buying Guide

Buying a batting glove can be hard work. Provided that you aren’t aware of the basics, the hard work could get more intense. Here’s the buying guide for the best batting gloves.


If you want to have a correctly sized glove, it is crucial that you know the length of your hand. For this purpose, measure the length from the tip of your longest finger to the base of your palm. It is better if you carry out this measurement on your dominant hand. Once you have made the measurement, check out this sizing chart from Nike to know which size glove would suit you the best.


With the baseball coming at you at full speed, your hands are most often the most vulnerable part. Hence, select a baseball glove which offers maximum protection. To determine the level of protection, check out the thickness of the padding inside the glove. Greater the thickness better will be the protection.

However, while the thickness of padding is directly proportional to the level of protection, it can also hinder the free movement of your fingers. Hence, go for a glove which provides “optimum” protection.


Although protection is also important, one of the major reason hitters starting using glove was to increase the grip. After a baseball player has built up his muscles, the next thing is to apply that grip strength on the bat without tensing their hand muscles too much. This is where the grip of the glove comes into play.

In addition to allowing easier swings, the best batting gloves also increase the swing speed of the bat. Thus, if you’re going to buy a pair of batting gloves, I would recommend taking your bat with you to the shop. In this way, you could test which glove provides the best grip.

Price Range

In stark contrast to the preceding elements, this is a fact which every consumer knows. Still, it is imperative for me to stress the importance of buying “a little” over the odds for a good baseball glove. For, while you might save your money on a baseball glove, that money might cost you your form in the long run. Hence, if you don’t want to rue your decision at a later time, it is better that you spend a little extra for the best batting gloves.


If you have decided to go for the best batting gloves, I can guarantee that durability won’t be the problem. However, if you’re looking to buy on your own, make sure you get some sort of warranty on a baseball glove.


There is one golden rule among hitters: limit the batting glove for batting only. In simple words, do not use it as a fielding glove. However, if you don’t want to spend extra money on baseball gloves, you might go for a batting glove which is versatile. However, that may compromise its quality in the long run.


In stark contrast to the other elements of this buying guide – all of which are universal, this depends on you. For, if you play at that time of the year when it’s cold outside, warmth might become an important factor. However, if you don’t, you can skip this step.

Open Vs Closed Web: Have you noticed the portion of the glove which lies between the index finger and the thumb? Well, even if you hadn’t, that portion is known as webbing. Just like warmth, deciding between open and closed webbing is a matter of preference.

Citing some examples, open webs are a preference for most third batsmen and outfielders. As for the pitchers – or any other position, they go for closed webbing.

Break In time

Talking about the best batting gloves, they have a minimal break in time. However, if you feel that your glove is taking more time to break in, use this method to break in your baseball glove.

Gloves Vs Mittens

Although both of them perform the same task – that of hand warming, there are a lot of differences between gloves and mittens. The obvious ones, as you might guess, are design and style. For those persons who want a better hand mobility – just like baseball hitters, they prefer gloves over mittens. However, for warming purposes, mittens are normally considered superior. Lastly, gloves provide better protection to fingers than mittens.

Thus, in light of the preceding arguments, it is easy to deduce that gloves are mostly preferred over mittens for baseball hitters.

Top 3 Best Batting Gloves

Now that we have settled various queries regarding batting gloves, let’s take a look at the best of them.

Franklin Sports Neo Classic Series Batting Gloves

Franklin Sports Neo Classic Series Batting Gloves

If you’re looking for a batting glove which provides the best fit, style, and comfort, there are a few companies out there who does it better than franklin. Ever since making its entry in the Industry in 1946, Franklin gloves are now being used in all the big baseball leagues around the globe. Talking about this particular baseball glove, it comes in 21 – yes TWENTY-ONE, different styles, and colors. As for the size range, it caters for everyone and anyone from the small size to the extra-large one. Talking about this particular baseball glove, it comes in 21 – yes TWENTY-ONE, different styles, and colors.

As for the size range, it caters for everyone and anyone from the small size to the extra-large one.

Epitomizing the usefulness of this leather is the material of which it is made – namely sheepskin leather. A sheepskin is extremely soft and dense, hence resulting in a more durable and comfortable material. Also, the porosity of this leather is also greater than its counterparts, which allows this glove to wick away moisture. Also, thanks to extra-large pores, air circulation in this glove are also immaculate.

After they ensured that this glove is as comfortable as one can be, Franklin then turned their attention to the gripping. For this purpose, they have used world-renowned quad-flex creasing. This crease, according to Franklin, reduces the buildup of material between the hand and the handle, hence imparting exceptional grip and comfort.

To increase the flexibility and adaptability of the glove, a floating thumb technology has been introduced in this glove. Lastly, with a contoured asymmetrical wristband, this glove allows its wristband to shape according to your wrist.


  • Floating thumb technology to improve adaptability and flexibility of the glove.
  • To give increased flex across the knuckle back, a neoprene bridge has been added.
  • ​Thanks to the contoured asymmetrical wristband, the gloves shapes according to your wrist.
  • ​Decreased buildup of material between the hand and the handle, resulting in better grip.
  • A one-piece leather palm for smooth, senseless feel.


  • Slightly loose in various size ranges.

Final Verdict

If you want a baseball glove which comes from a reputed manufacturer, has got rave reviews from the customers, and costs in the middle to higher price range, these gloves deserve your attention.

Easton HS3 Batting Gloves

Easton HS3

In the field of baseball bats, the name of Easton is a gold standard. Whether it is Major League baseball or a junior league, Easton bats command respect. Their entry, however, in the batting gloves industry isn’t so old. Hence, Easton is still finding their feet in this regard. Consequently, as you’ll see yourself, Easton batting gloves are one of the most inexpensive out there. Just like the preceding batting glove from Franklin, the Easton HS 3 has a palm which is made up of goatskin. Apart from that, the similarities stop and differences arise.

Though it has a Zonal flex to protect the knuckles and joints, the pairing with a 4 way stretch mesh distinguishes this product from those of its counterparts

Another important element of these batting gloves is their durability. Since they are tough, these batting gloves often hold up for as long as two seasons.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a batting glove which fits your bill – and has the qualities approaching that of the pricier ones, this glove merits your attention.


  • Tough and durable.
  • Protects your knuckles due to zonal flex.
  • Won’t rip easily.
  • Thick palm.


  • Are user specific – means they won’t fit naturally to all users.

Final Verdict

Despite the name from Easton, this baseball glove has been unable to earn rave reviews from the consumers. Still, when you look at its price tag, this glove is worth a try.

Under Armour Men's UA Clean Up Batting Gloves

Under Armour Men's UA Clean Up Batting Gloves

If you’re looking for gloves which keep your hands dry and nimble at all the time, the Men’s UA Clean Up Batting Gloves from Under Armour are worth a try. How do they do it? By putting its trademark Headgear technology on the back side of the glove, Under Armour has made sure that they would wick sweat, dry fast, and promotes air circulation throughout the glove. Secondly, Under Armour has made sure the gloves are an ideal mix of toughness, durability, and grip with the embossed synthetic overlays. These overlays provide support and structure to the glove without compromising on its flexibility.

As for the ventilation, we cannot forget that air passage is necessary for ventilation. For this very purpose, perforations are provided on the palm side which provides an easy passage for air flow.

Lastly, to make sure that the gloves provide a perfect fit, a contoured wrist closure has been added. Moreover, in addition to providing a good fit, this wrist provides great comfort as well.

All in all, if you’re looking for a medium-sized glove, with maximum usefulness, Men’s UA Clean Up Batting Gloves are worth a try.


  • Won’t allow sweat to accumulate thanks to trademark HeadGear Technology.
  • Provide extra ventilation due to finger perforations.
  • Comfortable and provide great fit due to contoured wrist closure.
  • Made up of goatskin leather.


  • Size range isn’t broad.

Final Verdict

As stated above, these gloves provide a perfect value for money. You won't regret buying it. Specially, after my own personal experience, I would definitely recommend this glove.


Let's talk about maintenance. Because, you don't want to regret with a damaged gloves, right? So, let's take a look at some of the best practice to maintain your hitting glove.

How to Clean Batting Gloves

Whether your preferred gloves are thick or thin, they would get smelly after you’ve sweat in them. When combined with the dirt of the field which the gloves accumulate when you slide into bases, the baseball gloves might be in need of serious cleaning. Below mentioned are some steps:

Step 1: Before washing, take your gloves in open atmosphere. Give them a good shake and make sure that any surface dirt present is removed. Afterward, put it in your hand.

Step 2: Take a dry leather brush and use it to scrub the glove. In this manner, you would be removing the inside dirt. After you have scrubbed this, take the glove off your hand and shake it again.

Step 3: Take a bowl of water and heat it to lukewarm temperature. Add two to three drops of dish-washing liquid. You can also use a commercial leather cleaner.

Step 4: Take a sponge and dampen it with water. In case you’re using a commercial leather cleaner, you can also saturate the sponge.

Step 5: Wipe the glove clean with a sponge. You should do this step gently to avoid saturating the leather of the glove with water.

Step 6: To air dry the glove, hang it in the reeling of an open window or in dry outdoors.

Step 7: Lastly, apply a small amount of leather conditioner to the air-dry glove.

How to Store Your Glove

Ask the best baseball batters and they will tell you the specific methods they employ to store their gloves – not only during the off-season but also between games. Thus, while storage of a baseball glove might seem a benign topic, you need to consider it seriously if you want your batting glove to last longer.

During the Off-season: During an off-season, it is imperative that you store your gloves in a dry, cool place, presumably at room temperature. Never leave them inside your equipment bag, in the proximity of a heater, or in open air for extended time periods.

Keep them dry: It is impossible that your glove would remain dry after you’ve taken part in a whole game. To dry it, use an absorbent rag to dry the moisture. Afterward, to make sure the leather doesn’t become stiff, use a conditioner.

Storing with a ball: If you want your batting glove to last longer, it is imperative that you keep its pocket shaped. For this purpose, during the off months, store it with a ball rolled in the glove.

Check for fragmented laces: There are areas – especially between palms and open seams, which are prone to fragmented laces. Check these areas constantly and if you find any fragments, get them repaired asap.

The Budget Pick for Best Batting Gloves

No matter how hard we try, it is the budget which comes out as the foremost important factor. Keeping this fact in mind, we’ve decided to list down the most and least expensive gloves. Let’s take a look.

Most inexpensive batting glove: Easton HS3 Batting Glove

Most expensive batting glove: Franklin Sports Neo Classic Series Batting Gloves

Bottom Line

Having laid down the pros and cons of the best batting gloves, this part of the article is predicated on selecting the best batting glove for you. In our selection, we take into consideration all factors which we have mentioned earlier in this article. In simple words, our selection is based on all the elements ranging from grip to strength, flexibility to durability, and protection to price.

Having kept all these factors in our consideration, our vote goes to the Franklin Sports Neo Classic Series Batting Gloves. Yes, they might be expensive at the start, but the running cost of these gloves is negligible. Moreover, thanks to their MOC, these gloves would last you for years. Hence, if you can afford to pay a bit over the odds at the start, we would recommend getting these gloves.

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