10 Best BBCOR Bats 2018 – Reviews And Buying Guide

Being in the Industry of baseball bats for a long time, we know that searching for the best Bbcor bats could be a painstaking task. While you have to make sure that the bat is of right size, it is also imperative that the bat meets your budget. Also, while the evolution of technology has increased the options for good – since it has resulted in better quality bats, this increase in the range of choices make searching for the best Bbcor bats an unenviable task.

best bbcor bats

However, as you can concur from the title of this article, you’ll only depart from this page after having made the choice of the most suitable bat. With a team of experts that we have on board, we have taken together various factors – namely quality, price, and technology, and condensed them to select for you the bat of your dreams. Ready to select the bat which would suit you the best? Let’s go!

What’s the Reason for having best Bbcor bats?

If you are a person who doesn’t take the Internet seriously, this question might come to your mind. After all, you could get help from the shop keeper as you’re the one paying the price. As the veterans of the game might tell you, the majority of players who follow the above criteria end up with having silly bats. Shop keepers are interested in one thing – your money. Hence, even if your bat fails miserably in the game, they won’t be concerned by it.

If you aren’t motivated by the above idea, below mentioned are some reasons which should tempt you to go for the best Bbcor bats:

  • When you would have the best Bbcor bats in your hands, your game will automatically improve. Playing with you, your friends would also learn a lot which would improve their game as well.
  • It would be durable. You won’t have to change it after every game.
  • The best Bbcor bats are an optimum combination of swing speed and weight. Subsequently, these bats will provide stronger hits in less time.
  • The best Bbcor bats won’t sting your hands. With a minimum transfer of vibration from barrel to handle, the energy will, instead, be transferred to the ball.
  • If you’re a newcomer to the game, these bats will allow you to experiment without any downside.
  • If you’re a veteran of the game, the best Bbcor bats would hone your skills. Subsequently, when your skills would be polished, you would note a visible difference in your game.

Types of Best Bbcor bats

Although the best Bbcor bats could be classified in many ways – weight, length, MOI, MOC, we have chosen the material of construction as the classifying parameter. Have a look:

Hybrid Bbcor Bats

In the hybrid Bbcor bats, the barrel is made up of alloy, whereas, the handle is composite. This type of arrangement allows the bat manufacturers with the freedom of making lighter bats. Moreover, by inculcating alloy in the barrel, the length of the barrel is increased. Consequently, you could hit wide pitches with ease.

Aluminum Bbcor bats

Ever since the introduction of aluminum bats in the 1970’s, these bats have taken a lead over all other types of bats. Originally produced just as an extension of metal bats, these bats – thanks to the efforts from Easton differentiated them in the coming years. Being lighter, durable, and bigger, these bats have become a darling of baseball players over the years.

Wood Bbcor bats

If you’re an adult player who wants to show his skills on the pitch – and not the quality of his bat, wood Bbcor bats are a must-have for you. Even if you have the best Bbcor bats at your disposal, the wood bats would test your mettle on the pitch. Subsequently, there is no wonder why so many veterans of the game prescribe wood bats to the newcomers.

Composite Bbcor bats

Those bats which are made totally of the polymer are called composite bats. In the construction of these bats, a mixture of fiberglass, Kevlar, and carbon fiber is used. Consequently, these bats have a higher damping rate, much better durability, and enhanced trampoline effect than any other Bbcor bat.

Buying Guide - How to Choose a Best Bbcor bats?

In choosing the best Bbcor bats, there are certain things which you ought to take into account. Have a look

Barrel Size

In choosing the best Bbcor bats, the first factor is the barrel size. In most cases, the size of the best Bbcor bats is 2 5/8’’. However, while they are in minority, some adult baseball bats also have 2 ¾’’ barrel diameter.

If the diameter of the barrel is small, it is used by hitters. A large barrel size bat, however, used by those batters who want to have a better swing speed. Thus, you’ve two options – better swing speed or hitting distances. However, if you want to have the best Bbcor bats, make sure to go for a bat which has both.


Many baseball players mistake the grip of the bat with the size of the handle, alone. While size does matter, it is the material which tapers the grip which is also important.

The grip is covered with such coating which minimizes the transfer of vibrations from handle to your hands. While you won’t encounter such problems in best Bbcor bats – as they mitigate vibration transfer from barrel to handle, ordinary bats do have such a problem.

Bat Taper

If you have a strong wrist, the best Bbcor bats come up with a thick taper. However, if your wrist movement isn’t great, go for a thin tapered bat. Moreover, if you’re unsure what a taper actually is, it is that area which connects the handle with the barrel.


The best Bbcor bats have a length ranging from 29 -34 inches. In selecting the optimum length for you, go for a bat which suits your height. Find it difficult, this chart will help you in selecting the best length for yourself.

Length to weight ratio

Integrating the weight factor, the length to weight ratio is the most important factor in choosing the best Bbcor bats. Generally, all Bbcor bats have a drop (length to weight ratio) of 3. Regardless of the length of the bat, the drop SHOULD remain the same. As for the weight, lift a bat to decide whether you could handle it or not.

Top 10 Recommended Best Bbcor Bat Reviews

As we have settled most of your queries regarding BBCOR bats, let’s take a look at the best 10 which you could buy.

One of the lower priced bats, this bat has a 31/32’’ tapered handle. In order to enhance the performance, Easton has coated the handle with a diamond grip. This diamond grip will prevent your hands from blisters. Made up of aluminum, this bat has been approved for Bbcor leagues throughout the world. It has a 2 5/8’’ barrel diameter. However, if you’re wondering that it will hinder your swing speed, Easton has reduced the MOI to take care of your concern.

With a low MOI, this bat has been designed for better swing speeds, despite the barrel diameter. As for the ease of movement, the thin taper would allow you to do just that.

Lastly, looking at the features of this bat, you might notice that it has been built for contact hitters. Being balanced, with a good length, and nice drop, this bat would suit you if you want to smash the ball out of the diamond.


  • Provides better pop than composite bats.
  • Brilliant diamond grip.
  • Optimum swing speed.
  • Balanced in terms of weight.


  • A little too heavy

Final Verdict

If you want to have your hands on a Bbcor bat which has all the features of the best ones at an optimum price, this bat deserves your attention.

If you think that the abovementioned bat is a bit costly – and want to go for a cheaper option in composite, Louisville has come up with the Prime 916 Fused carbon structure design. Made up of composite materials, this bat has an oversized barrel. Consequently, similar to its predecessor – 2015 Prime 916, this bat has been making waves as a power hitter. By making the composite walls thinner, this bat has shredded its weight.

However, this loss in weight is compensated in strength by the addition of a composite ring inside the bat. This composite ring, which is added one inch below the sweet spot, meets the Bbcor standards.

Thanks to this, this bat doesn’t only have a balanced weight distribution but a large barrel as well. Thus, if you’re looking for better options in the two-piece category, this bat with a huge sweet spot is a must-have for you.


  • Inexpensive
  • Comes with a lizard skin grip to save your hands from blisters
  • Huge sweet spot
  • Balanced weight
  • Brilliant power transfers from barrel to ball


  • Won’t last for ages

Final Verdict

If you’re a power hitter who wants to have a bat which generates massive hitting distances, Prime 916 is a must-have.

Easily the costliest bat in our review, Easton has taken a brave step by introducing this bat at such a high price. Coming in 5 different sizes, this bat has a drop of -3 and is made up of 2-piece thermos composite barrel. Of people who aren’t aware of this technology, it is used for two purposes: huge sweet spot and mitigate vibration transfer. And having played with this bat myself, I can testify that this bat offers both. When you’ll grip the handle – which has a 1.2mm hyper skin grip, you’ll feel the comfort which is absent in many lower priced bats.

On hitting the ball, minimum vibration will be transferred to the handle. While 2-piece barrel could also be the reason, one couldn’t help but congratulate the TCT technology for this accolade.

Connexion is another technology which Easton has introduced in this bat. Debuted in 1999, this technology produces barrels and handles separately – before bonding them together later on. Consequently, this bat is more durable and long lasting.


  • Hyperskin for enhanced comfort
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Balanced weight distribution
  • Great for contact hitting


  • Very expensive

Final Verdict

If you’re a power hitter who wants to have a bat which generates massive hitting distances, Prime 916 is a must-have.

If you have problems with handles who sting hands, DeMarini has come up with a D-Fusion FT handle. The handle is flame tempered – a technique which dries bats to make them stronger. When the moisture is removed, this handle produces no vibrations and also contributes to maximum energy transfer from barrel to the ball. As for the weight distribution, this bat is a bit end loaded. While you may count it as a shortcoming, this feature of this bat allows it to generate bigger hitting distances.

However, sensing your thoughts, this bat is not limited to contact hitters. In fact, while they could use it, this bat is for anyone who can swing it.

Lastly, we turn our attention to the price. DeMarini is not known for making inexpensive bats and this bat is no different. However, when you look at the features, they seem to justify the high price tag of this bat.


  • Flame tempered handle
  • No transfer of vibrations
  • Maximum energy transfer
  • Not limited to contact hitters


  • Is a bit heavy

Final Verdict

If you have thick pockets which allow you to pay for this bat, I see no reason why you would hold yourself back. With a classic use of technology, DeMarini has come up with a giant product.

Grown tired of 2-piece composite bats? Don’t want to turn back to wood bats? Looking for an option in the 1-piece alloy category? Don’t worry, Marucci has solved this problem for you with the CAT 6 bat. n addition to having an extended length, the barrel’s wall of this bat has also been extended, resulting in a great length to weight ratio. Consequently, in addition to providing you greater control, this bat also provides a huge sweet spot with faster swing speeds.

Lastly, with a ring free barrel technology, you’d have no issues with this bat at all. As for the handle, Marucci claims that it is big-league inspired. Having played with this bat myself, I’ve no reason to doubt their claim.

By providing a brilliant grip – which culminates in an anti-vibration knob, Marucci has provided the best of grips in this bat.


  • Ring-Free Barrel technology
  • Anti-vibration knob
  • Brilliant grip
  • Huge sweet spot
  • One-year warranty


  • Bit pricey

Final Verdict

If you want to see technology at its best, this bat deserves your attention. By providing an anti-vibration knob, a ring free barrel, and a vibration free handle, Marucci has come up with a brilliant product.

If you don’t have thick pockets – but still want to get your hands on the best Bbcor bats, this black handle bat would come handy. Coming in a 33/30’’ size, this bat has been provided with a big league balanced. Made up of alloy, this bat has a standard barrel diameter f 2 5/8’’. Moreover, this bat has an ultra-responsive sweet spot. However, despite this, this bat isn’t great for hitting incessant home runs. One thing which might surprise you regarding this bat is its unequal anti-vibration grip.

However, with a mere glance on the handle, your curiosity would be silenced. Starting from the knob – yes, this bat has a knob, the grip is thick and eventually thins as it culminates at the taper.

According to Marucci, this type of grip is provided to mitigate the vibration at the upper part of the handle. As for the warranty and standards, this bat is Bbcor certified and comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Inexpensive
  • Anti-vibration grip
  • Ultra-responsive sweet spot
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Brilliant overall bat speed


  • Paint chips easily

Final Verdict

If you look at the price tag of this bat, you couldn’t help but wonder that this bat is a steel. Not the best Bbcor bat out there, it would still serve the purpose for you.

Ever since the arrival of 2-piece bat technology almost a decade ago, the 2015 Easton MAKO is the newest thing to hit the market. According to Easton, this bat has a 360-degree rotation handle. This technology allows you a smoother swing, plus better barrel time in your zone. I know this might sound period, but as a person who have swung this bat, it is 100% accurate. Thanks to the two piece technology, this bat saves your hands from the agonizing feeling of being stung. As for the barrel, this bat boasts of a massive barrel.

Surprisingly, for a bat of this huge barrel size, it offers remarkable swing speed. This swing speed is due to the low MOI which has been perfected on this bat.

Thus, while you would feel awkward with the rotating handle technology at first, however, getting used to this bat isn’t overly difficult. Hence, once you get used to it, you won’t feel any difference.


  • 360-degree rotation handle to allow more barrel time in the zone
  • Better swing speed
  • Low MOI
  • No vibration in hands


  • Grip might cause a few problems

Final Verdict

If you feel betrayed by other baseball bats who have huge sweet spots but poor swing speeds, this bat might come to your rescue.

If you are looking for a bat which is loaded with technology, this bat is a must-have. Combining the likes of Paradox Plus Composite barrel, D-Fusion FT handle, FT treatment, RCK knob, and Low Pro end cap, this bat is loaded with such features which justify its price tag. Firstly, the paradox plus composite barrel makes this bat stronger and lighter at the same time. Moreover, in addition to providing ideal swing speed, this bat provides maximum Pop.

As for the D-Fusion FT handle, it mitigations vibration in the handle, by returning them back to the barrel. This redirected energy allows you to generate great hitting distances with relative ease.

Thirdly, the FT treatment is used by DeMarini to fuse the barrel with the handle. This technique allows you to feel stiff, albeit with no vibration.

Fourthly, in order to allow you the ultimate feel through the bat, it has been furnished with a low pro end cap. Lastly, with an RCK knob, this bat has the ability to fit perfectly in your hands.

In terms of the price tag, you might guess from the aforementioned features that this bat is costly. Hence, if you’re planning to buy it, I would recommend going within in the game, and not trying it in the cage.


  • Maximum Pop
  • No unwanted vibration in the handle
  • Low Pro end cap to provide ideal swing weight
  • Fits perfectly in your hands
  • FT handle allows the bat to transfer the energy back to the barrel


  • Expensive

Final Verdict

If you’re willing to pay over the odds for a baseball bat, DeMarini has provided you with an option to do just that.

A predecessor of the Easton 2015 MAKO, this bat features a thermos composite technology. This technology has allowed Easton with the freedom to integrate huge sweet spot with an optimum swing speed. If you’re concerned how the energy will transfer from barrel to ball, Easton has used a patented Connexion technology to allay your fears. This technology – by taking into account vibrations from the handle, maximizes the energy transfer.

Moreover, if you have grown tired of seeing the best Bbcor bats in traditional colors – and one to try something funky, the orange-white-gray color of this bat allows you this freedom as well.

Lastly, talking about the price, Easton has made sure that you value this bat by elevating its price tag. Hence, I would recommend having a demo before paying this much for the bat.


  • Huge sweet spot
  • Maximum energy transfer
  • Optimized feel
  • Unmatched bat speed


  • Pricey

Final Verdict

With a lower MOI and massive barrel size, this bat allows you to get the bat in the ideal hitting position, resulting in the brilliant sweet spot.

Number 1 in chronological order, this is a limited edition bat from the warehouses of DeMarini. Featuring a 2-piece technology, the handle culminates into a knob. Hence, as for the weight distribution, this bat is well balanced. As for the barrel diameter – while it meets the BBCOR criteria, it looks huge on first glance. Thankfully, when you hit the ball, the huge sweet spot pays justice to the appearance. . The pop of this bat is another area which has impressed me. When you would hit the ball, a great sound will come out of the bat, reminiscent of the good old days of baseball.

As for long lasting usage and durability, I expect this bat to remain with you for some time. However, despite all the pros of this bat, it has a huge Con: its price. I agree with DeMarini that this bat has state of the art features, however, with nothing new or modern, its price is grossly inflated.

Other than that, this bat has no shortcomings in my opinion


  • Huge sweet spot
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Balanced weight distribution


  • DeMarini might have done better with the grip

Final Verdict

If you’re a fan of limited edition bats – with the obvious reason of impressing your friends, this bat deserves your attention.

Budget Pick

Having taken into account the best Bbcor bats now is the time we turn to our pockets. The majority of you would agree with me that it is our pocket – and not our desires, which would make the final decision. Hence, keeping this point under consideration, we’ve decided to make the budget pick. Take a look:

Most inexpensive bat: Marucci 2014 One Black Bbcor (-3) Baseball Bats Adult

Most Expensive bat: Easton BB17MK MAKO Beast Comp 3 BBCOR Baseball Bat

Best Value for Price: DeMarini 2015 CF7 Baseball Bat

Hence, if you know that one bat won’t satisfy your appetite for years, you could go for the inexpensive version. While it would not last with you for ages – as you might guess from the price tag, this bat won’t make you sad when it goes broke.

However, if you feel like remaining loyal to your bat for years to come, Easton provides you with an option. While the MAKO Beast Comp 3 has a huge capital cost, its running cost is meager. Hence, if you can afford to spend big first, you would surely earn the rewards later on.


Despite all the claims to the contrary, Baseball is still providing handsome wages as a professional sport. Thus, if you want to make your career in this sport, the timing couldn’t have been better than now. In your quest to do so, the most important thing would be a Bbcor bat. As long as you don’t have the best Bbcor bat in your possession, you won’t be able to compete with the best in the game.

Moreover, in our quest to make sure that you achieve your dreams, the DeMarini CF7 Baseball bat gets a go-ahead.

A big fan of strong barrels, DeMarini has provided me with an incentive in this bat in the shape of its Paradox plus technology. This technology, apart from making the barrel stronger, also helps in a lighter swing weight.

The vibrations in the handle are always a major turn-off factor for me. Thankfully, with an FT handle, this bat’s handle has no such nuisances. Lastly, with an RCK knob – which allows this bat to fit perfectly in my hands, this bat gets my nod.

Feel like I’ve made the wrong suggestion? Please give your recommendations below.

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