Top 20 Best Golf Gifts For Golfers


Golf is one of the few games which can be enjoyed by people from all age group. Whether they’re playing with a group of people or enjoying it without any companion, this game provides equal chances of recreation. There is no restriction on the caliber of the player as well as everyone can buy a golf stick and have some fun on the golf course.

However, for all of those who want to impress their colleagues or family members, it is vital to have a decent set of Golf Armory. Starting from golf clubs, attire, shoes and other equipment related to this sport, there lies a series of golf gear to improve the game of its user.

So if you’re considering to buy a gift for a golf fanatic, but are still in two minds regarding the ideal choice, the below-mentioned list will be of great help. After extensive research, we’ve compiled a list of 20 best gift for golfers. After reading through it, you will be in a pretty comfortable position to choose one of the best golf gifts for your loved ones.

1: Suncast Golf Organizer

Suncast GO3216 Golf Organizer

According to the rules of World Golfing Body USGA, every golfer is allowed to carry no less than 14 clubs with him or her on a professional golf course. In addition to that, there is a series of things such as golf ball, gloves, an additional pair of the cleat and other such accessories which are vital to carrying them through the entire length of the day. So when a user has to face extreme stress to manage all such things back home, you can make their life stress free with this particular gift.

In order to manage an exhaustive list of golf accessories, a Suncast Golf Organizer will be of great help. A kind of stand, it has the ability to hold 2 golf bags at a time – carrying a series of golf clubs – apart from having separate shelves for shoes, gloves and other golf accessories. So when all such things can be safely stored at one place, it saves the user a valuable amount of time before visiting his or her nearby golf course.

2: Stealth Golf Cooler

Stealth Golf Cooler Bag Makes Great Gift for Any Golf Fanatic

As evident from the name of this product, the Stealth Golf Cooler comes handy in terms of keeping your beverages cool on the golf course. It has the capacity to fit in seven soda cans of medium size. And when it comes to saving yourself from any suspicious eyebrows, this sack can be easily placed on one side of your golf bag. So even if the temperature is rising on the golf course, it won’t have any effect on the coolness of your favorite drink.

3: Callaway Executive Gift Set

Callaway Executive Gift Set

A famous brand in the market of golf clubs, Callaway has come up with yet another beauty in the form of its executive Gift Set. An ideal gift for any golf player, this set will leave the user in awe from the first time of usage. The Callaway Executive Gift Set consists of a travel mug with the Callaway logo, a pen, a pouch with inner pocket, 4 ball markers, five performance tees, a couple of golf balls and an alignment tool for the putt shot. Remember all these products have been exclusively manufactured by Callaway, as the developer has printed its logo on every single of them. And to put the icing on the cake, the Callaway Executive Gift Set is extremely inexpensive for the convenience of budget oriented customers.

4: Emoji Professional Practice Golf Balls

Emoji Universe: 2-Ply Professional Practice Golf Balls, 12 Emoji Balls

One of the best golf gifts in today’s market, have a look at the Emoji Professional Practice Golf Balls if you want to have some fun. Having the same kind of performance to that of professional golf balls, this accessory won’t harm your game in any manner. As per its design, there are a number of shapes being engraved on each ball, which varies from joy, heart eyes, and black sunglasses along with many other funny emoji. These balls are available in bright yellow color so you can easily see them from a good distance away from the course. So if there is a relative of yours who will find this idea worthwhile, the Emoji Professional Practice Golf Balls are worth your money.

5: TecTecTec Golf Rangefinder

TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder - Laser Range Finder with Pinsensor - Laser Binoculars - Free Battery

Thanks to the recent innovations in rangefinders’ technology, less and less number of golfers have to rely on instincts when it comes to choosing a club for a particular shot. From closing in on a specific target to measuring out the accurate yardages, rangefinders have absolutely revolutionized the way in which golf has been played over the last few years.

Talking about such devices, the TecTecTec Golf Rangefinder lies on top of this list in terms of its quality and precision. Having the ability to gauge 540 yards, this device comes with a number of unique features such as Pinsensor Technology. Having said that, it’s sturdy design with a water-resistant body makes it viable for a variety of outdoors. So as far as the best golf gifts are concerned, the TecTecTec Golf Rangefinder is worth a shot.

6: Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set

Callaway Men's Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set, 18-Piece

If the person – for whom you’re going to buy a new gift – is in search of something valuable to make drastic improvements to his or her game, there aren’t much better options than the Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set. Equipped with a high-quality titanium driver, this set comprises of a 3-Wood, 5-wood, 4 and 5 Hybrids, six Iron Clubs and a Putter. Lastly, there is a stand bag included in this set. All these clubs are coming from a trusted developer so once you’ve gifted them to someone, he or she will remember this as a worthy gift.

7: Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer

Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer

In order to analyze every single aspect of your swing, the Zepp Golf 2 3D can measure a handful of values – including club speed, the length of the backswing, tempo – in a very short time span. It attaches on the back side of the glove. Once a golfer hits the ball, an associated app on their smartphone will let them know about the minutest of details regarding their previous shot. From making a video of the swing to comparing it with other professional athletes, the 3-dimensional technique employed by this Analyzer works wonder for the game of its user.

Not only that, it will also inform them about the latest training program from PGA athletes to tackle their problems in an imperious manner.

8: Framed Golf Patent Art Prints

Framed Golf Patent Art Prints - 14 in X 17 in Finished Size (4 set (Ball Tee Club Bag))

If you’re looking to purchase the best golf gifts -- for a person who is pretty sophisticated -- the Framed Golf Patent Arm Prints provides a great solution. Just like other decors, this particular product will add a new touch to the wall of any house. It is available in four different prints as it consists of sketches of different golfing items. So if you want to spend heavily, go for the full set of four sceneries. But for others, budget oriented customers, they can also order lesser prints.

9: NCAA Three Pack Contour Head Covers

NCAA 3 Pack Contour Head Covers

Every golfer wants to keep their golf clubs in the best of physical shapes for as long as possible. For all such users, the NCAA Three Pack Contour Head Covers lies at the top of the list in terms of the best golf gifts which can protect their equipment from the regular wear and tear. Made of high-quality buffalo vinyl with the knitting of Polyester, these headcovers to protect all type of clubs on a regular basis. Apart from protecting the clubhead, the nylon sock comes handy in terms of shaft protection. So once you’ve gifted this product to your loved ones, they will be highly thankful to you.

10: SKLZ Accelerator Pro Putting Mat

SKLZ Accelerator Pro - Indoor Putting Green With Ball Return (9 feet x 16.25 Inches)

Undoubtedly the trickiest shot in golf, where the margin of error is extremely low, putting can become a nuisance for even the professional golfers. Every golfer dreads the thought of making the mistake at this scenario because even a slightest of misjudgment can turn their game into an absolute nightmare.

As a result, the SKLZ Accelerator Pro Putting Mat is gaining immense popularity among-st golf fanatics who want to improve their putting technique. Having a lush green surface which is pretty much identical to that of a golf course, this product works as a golf coach. From proving alignment guides from a variety of distances to helping the player to square his/her club face, it really helps a lot in terms of improving the putting technique. Its length is 9 feet while the width is 16.25 inches.

11: Go Play Golf Gift Card

Go Play Golf Gift Card

Not sure about the type of equipment which your loved one might need on the golf course? Well, go for a safe bet. The Go Play Golf Gift card is a national gift card which allows its holder to play for free on a variety of courses (local + professional) countrywide. One can use it on no less than 5000 golf courses and the list is ever growing. Apart from it, your loved ones can make a variety of purchases including golf clubs, balls, and vacations along with a variety of other products with the help of this card. So when it comes to the best golf gifts, the Go Play Golf Gift Card ticks all the right boxes.

12: Bolle Adult Competitor Series Golf Sunglasses

Bolle Bolt Sunglasses

If your colleague wants to use ordinary sunglasses on the golf course, do him a favor in form of Bolle Adult Competitor Series Golf Sunglasses. In golf, one needs to have a clear vision and that’s what this product is all about. Especially engineered with a wider lens, one can use it to good effect on a variety of conditions. No matter whether a person is playing under bright sun or late in the evening, these high-quality sunglasses allows them to have a flawless vision on the entire length of the day. It is extremely lightweight and the special coating makes it a pretty viable item against scratches. And lastly, the distinguishing design makes it an ideal fit for both men and women.

13: Giggle Golf Ball Markers & Golf Glove

This gift is tailor made for your female relatives. While the female golfers are always in search of something to protect their hands from the harshness of weather, the Giggle Golf Glove does it in style. The manufacturer understands that there is much more to gloves then just a white color as there are different patterns being displayed on the exterior of this glove. In addition to the gloves, this gift contains ball markers which should be purchased in accordance with the gloves’ design.

14: Golf Magazine

Golf Magazine

Having a subscription for an entire year, the Golf Magazine is a gift which keeps on coming for no less than a 12 month time period. Filled with interesting articles, tips and tricks and interviews of famous personalities, this gift can be handed over to people from almost all age group. Because when it contains so much, everybody will find something relative to their liking in this particular gift.

So when it’s not that expensive, you can impress your loved ones with this wonderful gift.

15: Portable Driving Range Set

Rukket Portable Driving Range 3 in 1 Golf Set: Practice Net, Chipping Target and High Quality Tri-turf Hitting Mat

The durable product which can easily be carried from one place to the other, the Portable Driving Range set allows its user to enjoy golf regardless of time or weather conditions. Having a length of 10 foot, this driving range is big enough to prevent the balls from going elsewhere. Moreover, this set comprises of a folding mat so that the golfer can have the feeling of playing on a real golf course. So when enjoyment is combined with practice, this product has a lot to offer for your valuable relatives.

16: Titleist Golf Sports Mesh Cap with Tour Logos

Titleist Golf Sports Mesh Cap with Tour Logos

A golfer’s friend on a sunny day? Titleist Golf Sports Mesh Cap with Tour Logos is much more than a simple Cap it's your BFF. Having a premium quality of MOC, its color won’t fade away against the scorching rays of the sun. Besides, one can have it in 4 different colors. So whether the person – for whom you’re going to buy this Cap – prefers black, or even white color, everyone can choose according to their personal preference.

17: Deco 70 Polystone Golf Bookend Pair

Deco 79 Polystone Golf Bookend Pair, 5 by 8-Inch, Mahogany Brown

Yet another gift for the sophisticated class of golf fanatics, the Deco 70 Polystone Bookend Pair will be a valuable addition to any bookshelf. With a mahogany brownish color and a gold finish, this product won’t look as an outsider with the decoration of most houses in the U.S. Your loved ones can use it as a decoration piece or can also use it practically to hold in their favorite book. Even though this product is made in China, that hasn’t had any negative impact on the supreme quality of Deco 70 Polystone Golf Bookend Pair.

18: Personalized Golf Name Art

Framed Canvas - Personalized Golf Name Art - Perfect and unique customized gift for the golfer or golf enthusiast

There is always something special in a gift personalized for its recipient. It lets the other person believe that you were thinking of him/her while purchasing this gift. And if you combine this customization with their favorite hobby golf, the enjoyment is doubled. The Personalized Golf Name Art, which combines different golfing equipment to come up with the name of its future receiver, is truly a fabulous gift being gifted to any golf fanatic.

As per the customers wanting to live within a budget, they can order this product without the black frame for a much lower than the actual price. It comes in three different sizes and will give a unique texture to the wall of any building.

19: Portable Golf Putter Set for Travel & Indoor Practice

Neon Executive Gift Portable Golf Putter Set Kit with Ball Hole-Cup for Travel Indoor Golf Putting Practice

One for the travel-oriented golfers who doesn’t have much time to turn up on a golf course every now and then, the Portable Golf Putter Set for Travel and Indoor Practice houses in a series of key golf accessories. Starting from an aluminum made putter which can be easily disjointed into four different pieces, it consists of two golf balls of standard size and a practice cup in a compact carrying case. The carrying case can easily be stored in a small place which makes it an ideal gift for golfers on the go.

20: Personalized Golf Glove

Personalized Golf Glove

When a typical golf glove helps its owner to enjoy a secure grip on the club, the personalized golf glove is much more than that at a pretty affordable price. Made of high-quality leather, this left-handed glove can be personalized with the initials of its recipient name in a circle monogram font. This package also includes a tee and a modified ball marker. So when it helps a golfer to improve their game, it does so with style.

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