Top 3 Best Infield Gloves Reviews

This article will serve as the Guide to Top three Infield Gloves. For baseball players, their best infield gloves are an essential part of their defense. In addition to making sure that they remain protected, best infield gloves eradicate mistakes in the field. Hence, if you don’t have them at your disposal, even your best efforts can be undermined in the field.

best infield gloves

For an outfielder, teammates are counting on him to make the out. Thus, if you’re an infielder, you need a glove that is as ready for action, if not more, as you are. Finally, once you have gone through this article, you will be able to pick your new, best infield glove for the next double play.

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Where to Buy

Rawlings Gamer Infield Baseball Gloves



MacGregor infield training gloves



Wilson 6-4-3 Pedroia Fit Infield Baseball Glove

Wilson Pedroia Fit Infield Baseball Glove


How to Choose – Buying Guide for Best Infield Gloves

Choosing from the variety of different infield gloves available in the market can be a daunting task. Before buying you should make sure you know the basics. In the following sections we will talk about some factors that you should consider before buying an infield gloves. Here we go.

Break In time

Some people have a misconception about the break in time. In their opinion, the less the break-in time of a glove, the better it is. The truth, however, is exactly the opposite. For, if you want the best infield gloves, prepare to wait as they will take longer to break in. Afterward, giving you the perks, these gloves will last longer as well.


Just like everything else in your life, the size of infield gloves matter. There are, as you know, two types of infielders: middle and corner. Their glove size also varies considerably. For, if you are a middle infielder, go for a glove in the size range of 10.5’’ to 11’’. As for the corner ones, they normally prefer infield gloves ranging from 11.4’’ to 12’’. Finally, if you ask about the most popular size, it is 11 ¾’’. Thus, depending on your position, make your choice wisely

The quality of Leather

There are normally five types of leather: stiff, quick stop, super skin, oil tanned, and heart of the hide. Unlike size, which is different for every player, similar couldn’t be said of leather. In simple words, the more you spend, the better quality of leather you’ll get

Tip: Since you are looking for best infield gloves, you don’t have to worry about leather quality. It’ll be immaculate.


If you don’t know what webbing is, it is the area of the infield glove located between the forefinger and the thumb. There are normally three types of webbing: H-web, I web, and sixth finger web.

As for the H-web, they are the most used ones as they allow the infielder to get the ball out of their hand as quickly as possible. However, if you’re looking for a webbing which helps you in picking the ball out of the glove quickly, go for I-webbing. Finally, the sixth finger webbing adds a finger – in theory, between the fingers and the thumb. Hence, the chances of the ball being dropped are reduced in the case of this glove.

Yet another classification of webbing is based on whether they provide an open or closed webbing. Unlike the preceding classification, which depends on your preference, this depends on your position in the field.

For example, for a third baseman, the close web is recommended since it allows better support for hard-hit balls which a third baseman is more likely to catch. For other infielders, open web is recommended as it allows quicker transfer of the ball from glove to hand.

Open Back or Close Back

Again, this is a matter of your preference. If you ask us, our recommendation goes to the open back glove for one particular reason. Since they leave the upper portion of your wrist uncovered, open-back gloves allow you greater flexibility.

Second Base

If you are looking for smallest gloves in the diamond, look for a second base. For, a second baseman, the main concern is to speedily transfer the ball to turn a double play. Thus, if you are a second baseman, go for an infield glove ranging from 11 to 11P’’ in size.

Third Base

Unlike the second baseman, the major priority of a third baseman is to glove the ball. Hence, they tend to prefer mid-sized infield gloves which range from 11.75’’ to 12’’. Third Baseman also prefers a glove which has a deep pocket and a well-built web for stopping hot smashes down the line. For this purpose, the third baseman mostly prefers an open back infield glove.


If you don’t know what shortstop is, it is the position between a second and third base in the diamond. Provided that you are looking for an infield glove for this particular position, go for slightly larger gloves – ranging from 11P to 12’’. For, a shortstop is generally considered a defensive position. As a result, the larger the glove, the better you can hold the ball.


If you are brand conscious, there are many ones out there manufacturing infield gloves. Three of the most popular ones include Rawlings, Wilson, and Mizuno


In checking for the quality of the best infield gloves, you need to consider its MOC and breathability. While you are already aware of the material of construction, breathability is one aspect which we haven’t discussed before in this article.

As you might guess, there is only one thing which differentiates a breathable glove from a non-breathable one: pores. Greater the number of pores there are in a glove, more it will be breathable. Subsequently, less sweat will be accumulated on your hands and you’ll be able to collect the ball much easily.

3 Best Infield Gloves – Reviews

Hopefully, by this point, we have answered all of your major queries regarding infield gloves. The next step involves the reviews of best infield gloves. However, you may ask, how we chose the best infield gloves?

The answer to this question lies in the preceding paragraphs of this article. By taking into consideration all the preceding factors, our team of experts finally agreed on the top 3 infield gloves. While some of these gloves might seem expensive to you, we can testify that they will be worth your money. Have a look.

Rawlings Gamer Infield Baseball Gloves

In the field of infield gloves, Rawlings is a gold standard. Ask any player, watch any game, or consult any coach to find out the best infield gloves and you’ll find out that the name of Rawlings sells. However, when we were looking for best infield gloves, we weren’t concerned about the brand name. Rather, our attentions were concentrated on the particular glove. One thing which turned our attention to this particular glove was the pro soft leather. Even before the glove is broken in, the pro soft leather gives the same feel. Also, the comfort provided by this leather is immaculate.

Secondly, padding is another area which has perched this glove atop our rankings. For, unlike other gloves, the moldable padding of this glove gives it a superior feeling. As suggested by its name, the “moldable padding” allows the infielder to mold the packet according to the demands of his position.

Thirdly, the breathability of this glove is ensured by the linings. Made up of full grain leather, this lining provides exceptional comfort as well.

Lastly, to make sure that the strap problem is mitigated, Rawlings have replaced the strap altogether with the Tennessee Tanning Pro Lace. As suggested by its lofty name, the “pro lace” makes sure that the space between thumb and index finger is reduced.


  • Superior feel even before the glove has broken in.
  • Padding could be molded to suit the demands of the position.
  • Durable.
  • Breathable and comfortable.
  • Comprises of pro lace.


  • Comes in one size – might not fit all the infielders.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a glove which is inexpensive, has that comfortable feeling, and has a beautiful exterior appearance, this glove deserves your attention.

MacGregor Infield Training Glove

Sometimes, while playing the game, we understate the value of training. However, as they say, practice makes a man perfect, MacGregor has taken this adage to a whole new level with their new training glove. Thus, if you want your game to go higher than your teammates, this training glove is a must-have. Why do you need to buy this one? Firstly, it is the pancake style of this glove which makes it ideal for infield training. For, despite being different to in-game glove, this style of the glove will allow you to work on the weaker aspects of your game in training.

Finally, once you have done the hard part – that is of training with this glove, you’ll automatically feel your game has elevated in comparison to your teammates.

How does this glove elevate your game? Thanks to its style, this glove would help you in getting the throw quickly out of your hand. Hence, you would develop a quick “glove to throw” transition. Thus, whether you are fielding at the 2nd base or the 3rd, training with this glove would prove to be equally useful.

Lastly, in stark contrast to many training gloves – whose MOC provides an artificial look, this glove is made up of leather. Thus, once you made your transition from your training glove to the game glove, you would feel no difference as far as the MOC is concerned.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Made up of leather.
  • Allows quick “glove to throw” transition.
  • Ideal for infield training.


  • Style of the glove cannot be more different from actual “in-game” glove.

Final Verdict

If you are willing to improve your game – and have some money to spend, buying this training glove isn’t a bad choice.

Wilson 6-4-3 Pedroia Fit Infield Baseball Glove

Being the last infield glove of our review, the Wilson 6-4-3 is also the most expensive one. However, once you have read the specifications of this glove, every penny of its amount would seem “worth it” to you. First of all, unlike any of the best infield gloves mentioned in this review, this glove provides hand orientation for both hands. Hence, whether you are a leftie or a rightie, you don’t need to worry about the orientation of this glove. Secondly, the thing which differentiates this glove from those of others is its solid web. Yes, baseball players have grown too accustomed to having gloves which have silky, soft, web.

While that web has its advantages, it has an obvious shortcoming: the time required to pick the ball out from the glove and throw it eventually increases. However, since you would have a solid web in Wilson 6-4-3, the throw time would inexorably decrease.

Another useful feature of this glove is its snug fit. With long laces, low-profile heel, and smaller hand opening, this glove would brilliantly fit your hand. As for the pocket, the double palm construction reinforces it.

Also, for the break in time, the double play leather has made sure that this glove has the least break-in time among the best infield gloves. How? By virtue of a rolled dual welting.

Thus, if you’re looking for a glove which has a solid feel – and are able to pay a bit over the odds, this glove is a must-have.


  • Solid built.
  • Snug fit.
  • A low profile heel.
  • Pocket has been reinforced thanks to its double palm construction.
  • Breaks in quickly.


  • Expensive.

Final Verdict

If you can afford to pay a bit extra for one of the best infield gloves, spending your money on this glove certainly, demands your attention.

Budget Pick for Best Batting Gloves

It doesn’t matter how many specifications we mention, most customers only look at the price tag before looking at the other specs. Keeping this thing in our mind, we have decided to list down the most and least inexpensive gloves of this review.

Before we list down the prices, here’s a short note: since all these gloves are the best ones, their prices only make a marginal difference. That is, no matter how much money you decide to spend – as long as you spend it on these gloves, you’ll end up with a glove that would take care of your needs for a long time.

Least Expensive Glove: MacGregor Infield Training Glove

Most expensive glove: Wilson 6-4-3 Pedroia Fit Infield Baseball Glove

Bottom Line

Until now, we have laid bare various specs of the best infield gloves from all aspects. Be it their price, the quality, the break in time, or the MOC, we have tried our best to make sure that YOU make the decision after reading this article.

However, although we have tried to differentiate these gloves: we know that some customers might find it difficult even after reading this review. To solve their problems, we will finish this article with the recommendation of the best infield glove.

Having kept all these factors supreme, Wilson 6-4-3 Pedroia Fit Infield Baseball Glove deserves our recommendation. In addition to being different, the superior quality of this glove, when combined with its solid built and smaller break in time, makes it our favorite.

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