Top 3 Best Youth Baseball Glove

As you might know, identifying the best youth baseball glove is a daunting and confusing task. In addition to the proliferation of gloves over the past decade, there are so many sizes, models, and other factors to consider.

Best Youth Baseball Glove

Hence, if you have gone to the market with no prior knowledge of a youth baseball glove, the preceding factors would make sure that you return home empty handed. Although the time you might waste is also important, it is feeling of sadness which you might encounter on your younger one’s face which should be avoided at all costs.

Luckily, you don’t have to pay much, apart from paying the price of the glove. For, we have taken in our consideration all the factors which alienate the best youth baseball glove from an ordinary one. Hence, once you have gone through this guide, you’ll be in a position to go and buy the glove to meet your needs.

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How to Choose Best Youth Baseball Glove – Buying Guide

In this section, we take into look at the top factors which would help you in choosing the best youth baseball glove. Take a look.


To buy a glove of the correct size, you need to measure the size of your hand. For this purpose, you need to measure the distance from the top of your index finger to the bottom of your hand. As you might guess, different players will require youth baseball gloves of different sizes. However, for the majority of youth baseball players aged 6 to 15, their gloves normally range from 9 – 12’’ in length.


If the player has just started playing the game, paying extra money for a specific position glove is not recommended. Once the player has gone through the initial stages, with things becoming competitive, they might go for a “position-specific” glove.

Generally speaking, outfielders normally wear gloves that are a little larger as they have to catch skiers and hold onto hard hit balls. As for the infielders, their glove length is typically small for the obvious reason that they have to repetitively throw the ball towards the base plate to get the striker out.


There is one universal rule about padding: the nearer a fielder is towards the batsman, the more padding he requires on his glove. In light of this rule, outfielders generally require a lightly padded glove whereas infielders require a heavily padded one.


Before we shed some light on the MOC of gloves, there is one thing for you to remember: Never buy a plastic glove for youth leagues. For, in addition to being cheaply made and uncomfortable, these gloves are mainly designed for the “playing time” of infants. Hence, better avoid them.

Talking about the best youth baseball glove, almost all of them are made of leather. There are different types of leather ranging from full-grain to top grain and premium grade leather. While the top grade leather gloves require the least break in time, they are also the most durable.


Talking about webbing, there are generally two types: open and closed. Generally speaking, outfielders and third baseman prefer open webbing since it allows the players to see through the airborne ball with ease. As for the infielders, since they have to stop the ball coming at them, they generally prefer open webbing.

Break-In Time: Some people have a misconception about the best youth baseball gloves that they require a minimum break in time. While the break-in time of these gloves might be less than their ordinary counterparts, they would still take a considerable time to be broken-in.


Grip is more important for players who are standing close to the batsman i.e. infielders. Since they have to minimize the time required from shifting the ball from their catching hand to their throwing hand, the grip of the gloves plays an important part. Hence, when you go out shopping, make sure the glove grips nicely.

Price Range

The price tag of most senior baseball gloves might play an important part in their quality. However, for the youth baseball gloves, you don’t need to pay over the odds. For, no matter how good a glove is, the child will simply outgrow it in a matter of season(s). Thus, better spend less on buying the first baseball glove for your child.

Age of player

Age of player is also an important factor because a 6-year old will have different demands from his gloves then say a 16-year old. So, for the sake of avoiding confusion, we have decided to break the age factor into various parts.

0-6: At this stage, it is likely that the player has just started learning the game. Thus, for this age group, all he needs is a glove that fits and makes playing the game a fun.

7-8: Yes, players might have learned the game at this stage. Still, the game hasn’t gone overly competitive. Thus, similar to the preceding age bracket, a 7-8year old requires a glove that fits.

9-10: At this stage, players start taking the game seriously and their gloves should do the same. Thus, for these players, finding a glove that merely fits isn’t recommended.

11-12: By this time, teams have got competitive and serious players have started to emerge. Moreover, parents of the players have also started pushing their children to pay with more vigor. For this purpose, get your child a glove that helps him to make the clutch plays.

13-15: Competition has picked up. Players have grown stronger. Better players are pouring in from elsewhere. Thus, for these players, choose that glove which lasts a whole season, is breathable, and has the strength to handle powerful throws.

16+: At this stage, your child has been welcomed to the big leagues. He is not only playing with his friends or schoolmates. Rather, he is playing players from across the state. Thus, to make sure that he stands out, buy him a glove that allows him to make the most of this opportunity of playing in the big leagues.

Types of Youth Baseball Gloves

Let's talk about different types of youth baseball gloves. Because, we all know that everyone has their own preference. Below we will take a look at some of the most popular types of youth gloves.


Outfielders generally have to cover more distance than any other player on the pitch. For this purpose, they require that best youth baseball glove which not only fits but is a little longer. Why? They have to hold onto skiers which are simply not going to fall in their pocket. Consequently, they need a glove that stretches so that they can hold onto catching balls while on the run.


The job description of infielders require a youth baseball glove that allows them to field fastballs with pace and efficiency. For this purpose, infielders generally have a glove which fits nicely and is lightweight.


In addition to grinding balls out of the dirt, catchers are required to catch fast moving pitches. Therefore, they require a glove that is thick and has a sizable padding.


In addition to doing the obvious job of snagging ground balls, pitchers have to save themselves from line drives that are hit straight back at them. Thus, they require a glove which, in addition to being lightweight, has a sizeable webbing.

Tip: If your child is playing in any of the Little Leagues, you don’t need to buy a glove according to his position because his position in the field is going to be rotated.

Reviews – 3 Best Youth Baseball Glove

So far in this article, we have laid down various factors which differentiate an ordinary youth baseball glove from THE best youth baseball glove. From now on, we will turn our attention to present to you the three best youth baseball gloves. These gloves have been chosen after taking into account all the factors mentioned above.

Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove

Mizuno GPP1150Y1

From youth level to senior level, the name of Mizuno resonates with baseball gloves. Thus, it was no surprise for us to include another gem from Mizuno in our list of the best youth baseball gloves. Coming at a sizeable price, this glove has been designed for both the left and right handed throws. Coming in brown color, this glove allows you to bring home the famous golden touch to the game of your little one. As for its features, none impressed our team of experts more than the Patented PowerClose technology. Put in simple words, this technology imparts softness to this glove, making catching easy.

However, for infielders who have to stop hard hit balls, the durability of this glove also provides a plus.

Moreover, both infielders and outfielders love gloves which lock easily for vastly different reasons. While the former has to stop the ball which is coming at them at a high speed, the latter require an easy lock to hold onto skiers.

To satisfy this demand, the GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove has been integrated with a Powerful lock closure. This lock closure, in addition to providing maximum fit, also enhances the performance level.

Lastly, since this glove has been designed for youth players, its pocket is designed in such a way – and is so huge, that the ball falls right into it. Thus, for youth players who are still learning the art of properly catching a ball, spending money for this glove will pay dividends.


  • Catching made easy by the PowerClose Technology.
  • Huge pocket allows the ball to fall right into it.
  • Comfortable and soft.
  • Durable.
  • Locks easily.


  • Some players have complained of leather which they claim is too soft.

Final Verdict

Being the first best youth baseball glove of this review, this glove from Mizuno has earned rave reviews from its customers. Thus, provided that you are willing to spend your money on it, you won’t regret your decision.

Rawlings Youth Players Series 10.5-Inch Baseball Glove

Rawlings Youth Players Series

Designed for youth who are still learning how to play the game, the Series 10.5 Inch Baseball Glove is one of the most inexpensive ones out there. However, if its price tag suggests that this glove is low quality, read along to dispel your notion. First of all, the area between index finger and thumb has been enclosed with a soft pliable shell. Hence, chances of a catch going down are fairly slim. Moreover, to ensure that the glove fits according to the demands of the player, this glove has been integrated with a Velcro Strap.

As for the web, it is slightly slanted and in a basket shape. Consequently, the pocket is huge and allows the player to catch the ball with relative ease.

Also, to ensure that the space between fingers is slim – which is crucial if you don’t want the ball to go down, this glove is comprised of reflective binding.

Finally, the inner lining is soft allowing both the infielders and outfielders to meet their demands by using this glove. As for the pockets, they are huge and deep to ensure catch control.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Shell is soft and pliable, rendering fit for easy close.
  • Custom fit thanks to Velcro Strap.
  • Basket Web is slanted, ensuring maximum comfort.
  • Comprises of reflective binding.


  • A bit stiff at the start.

Final Verdict

If you are unwilling to pay a bit extra for the first baseball glove of your little one, this glove merits your attention.

Louisville Slugger 9.5-Inch FG Genesis Baseball Infielders Gloves

Louisville Slugger 9.5-Inch FG Genesis Baseball Infielders Gloves

Although it is the features which eventually distinguish the best youth baseball glove from an ordinary one, the looks of this glove might arise the same feeling. For, coming in a beautiful amalgam of brown and black, this glove provides the famous traditional look which made Baseball a darling of American households back in the day. Turning our attention to its features, this glove has a size of around 9.5inch. This implies that this glove falls in the 6-7 age range, at best. Hence, before buying it for an elder age group, make sure it fits.

Secondly, this glove has been restricted to infielders. Thus, if you are looking for a baseball glove which is general for all positions, this certainly isn’t the one.

Another notable area of this glove is its stitching. Unlike other gloves, who try to camouflage their sticking on the underside, the stitching of this glove is on the outer side, giving this glove a traditional look.

Lastly, if you are unsure of whether this glove will fit your child or not, go for it as it offers a 1-year limited warranty.


  • Traditional look.
  • Laces will let neither the player nor the catch down.
  • Huge pocket.
  • Rigid webbing.


  • Size can get too small.

Final Verdict

Just like the last glove of this review, this glove from Louisville Slugger is also inexpensive. Moreover, with the fact that it comes with a one year warranty, you have nothing to lose if you decide to go for this glove.

The Budget Pick for Best Youth Baseball Glove

To be honest, all the preceding talks about the features, the factors, and other elements of the best youth baseball glove was for nerds. For normal people, it is the price which matters at the end. By keeping into consideration this point, we have listed the most and least inexpensive glove of this review. Take a look.

Most expensive: Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove

Least expensive: Rawlings Youth Players Series 10.5-Inch Baseball Glove

Bottom Line

If you want your younger self to develop the same affinity for the game which you had in your earlier days, it is imperative that you catch him young. For, the attitudes molded during the childhood go a long way in every child’s life. Moreover, as you can testify, once a habit of playing the game in the childhood is established, it doesn’t go away throughout the life.

To make sure their love of the game remains intact, your children need to have a glove which is the best one. For this purpose, we hope this article has helped you. However, if you are still feeling some discomfort in choosing the best youth baseball glove, and want us to recommend one, our vote goes to the Rawlings Youth Players Series 10.5-Inch Baseball Glove.

In addition to being the least expensive glove of this review, this glove from Rawlings has all the features to be a success on the diamond. Hence, provided that you have decided to pay for it, you won’t regret your decision.

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