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It doesn’t matter how hard a pitcher might try, the game is eventually decided by the catchers. If they fail to do their duty properly, a fielder in the catching position might make or break the game for his team. Thus, if you’re a fielder who wants to learn how to catch a baseball, aforementioned are some tips which should prove to be helpful. Have a read.

how to catch a baseball

Tips on How to catch a baseball

We all love when the batter hit big home runs. The sound of the ball contacting the bat is something we all love to here. Bur for the fielding team it's not a pleasant thing to watch. The fielding team depends a lot on their fielders to catch a ball which was miss hit. So, It's really important for the fielders to catch the ball. In the following sections we will talk about some different aspects which you should maintain while catching a baseball. If you follow them properly, There's very little possibility of you missing the ball.

Get the Right Glove

One technique which I cannot stress enough. A glove is an extension of your hand, however, that doesn’t mean that the bigger the extension, the better chances there are for catching the baseball. In fact, as per a rule of thumb, under-12 players should use a glove in the range of 11-12’’, As for the older ones, they ought to go for somewhere ranging from 11-13’’.

Position your body

If the ball has gone miles up in the air, it is imperative that you judge its trajectory and get your body right at the position where you expect the ball to land. If the ball is coming straight at you, make sure that your body is in an athletic position: knees bent, shoulders pointing towards the target, and standing on toes.

The Ball should always be in your sight

Unless two players have called for the same catch – in which case both have to judge which one is in a better position to catch the ball, your sight should always be on the ball. Right from the moment it reaches the bat to the instant it lands in your glove, make sure the ball is in your sight.

Place your glove

When you are about to catch the ball, the gloves should be pointing towards the outward direction: their palm facing the sky. However, if the ball is thrown below your waist height, invert the gloves so that the fingers are pointing towards the earth.

Catch the baseball

It goes without saying that to catch a baseball effectively, one should always aim to land the ball in the palm of their glove. Once you sense that the ball has made contact with the glove, immediately close it. Finally, use the other hand to make sure the ball is secured. (video)

Catch ground balls

As the name suggests, ground balls are those which come off the ground. Hence, you are not expected to catch them. Rather, hold onto them. To hold a ground ball, the importance of your positioning precedes everything else. Never try to hold the ball the moment it leaves the ground. Rather, wait for the ball to attain its maximum height to hold onto it. Also, if you feel that the ball is bouncing rightly in front of you, take a few steps back and then hold it.


Let’s face it, diving in an improper way might cause injuries. However, if you follow the right technique, the chances of injury are greatly reduced. For an effective dive, keep your eyes glued to the ball. In the last two steps before making a dive, extend your arms. Finally, on diving, make sure that you don’t bounce on the elbows. Rather, try to land on your arms.


There aren’t many things which are as important, and as underrated, to properly catch a baseball than the footwork. Practice different footwork methods and try out which one serves you the best.

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