5 Tips on How to Catch A Fly Ball in The Sun


If you’re a baseball player who is often positioned outfield by the coach, you would testify that catching fly balls in the sun is a nuisance. In addition to the obvious fear of dropping the ball, the resulting jeers from the crowd as well as bad looks from your teammates could derail your confidence. More importantly, if the catch is an important player, you risk of losing the game by dropping the fly ball.

How to Catch a Fly Ball

Well, If you were looking for some tips on how to catch a fly ball? You are in for a luck. Here we will explain 5 easy tips to help you catch a fly ball in the sun.

#1: Use your gloves Intelligently

When you are running to find the ball, use your glove to shield your eyes from the sun. By placing your glove on your forehead, make sure that it blocks the sun rays from entering your eyes. Afterward, when you think that you’ve followed the trajectory of the ball well, remove the glove and use your hand to catch the ball.

While this technique is very simple, yet few people are able to determine its usefulness. Moreover, if you’re under the tutelage of a good coach, it is imperative for him to tell you. However, even if he doesn’t, don’t shy away from trying out this technique.

#2: Don’t Panic

When a ball is hit straight into the sun, our split-reaction is to panic. When we panic, our mind fails to utilize the 10-second time during which the ball will land. Thus, no matter how hard you try to regroup your senses afterward, it would be of no avail.

Hence, when you’re positioned as an outfield player, tell yourself that sooner or later the ball is going to get you. This method would make sure that you don’t try to disappear on the pitch. Now, once your mind is prepared, try to predict the trajectory of the ball once it has left the bat.

I know that it sounds crazy but many veteran players employ this technique for a reason. We underrate our brain all the time but if you want to catch a ball lost in the sun, you have nowhere to turn to but your brain.

Hence, once the ball has been hit, predict where the ball will land and run to that place. Once you get there, adjust yourself and finish off the catch.

#3: Select the right sunglasses

In addition to elevating your look, a good pair of sunglasses would help you in your quest of catching the sun-bound fly ball. However, while all of us care about the former, very few of us are able to take care of the latter. Thus, while the pricey sunglasses might elevate your look, they could also let you down in front of thousands. Hence, choose your sunglasses wisely.

How? Well, for a start, choose a sunglass which compliments the shape of your face. As per a general rule, you should buy those sunglasses that are opposite of your face shape. For example, if you have a square face, try to go for those sunglasses which have round frames.

Moreover, as you’ll be wearing them in intense heat, choose sunglasses which have rubber grips. Lastly, also take into consideration the color of the lens.

Once you’ve taken all these factors into consideration, you would find yourself with the sunglasses which would complement your gameplay – instead of disrupting it.

#4: Use Your Angles

When the ball is hit, immediately change your running angle. After angling your body in such a direction in which the sun rays aren’t blocking your view of the ball, try running to the area where you think that the ball would land. To be honest, this method is the most difficult of this review. However, once you master it, catching fly balls in the sun would be a cinch for you.

#5 Wear a fielder's mask

While not all fielders mask come with this luxury, some fielders mask offers an eyeblack on the inside. As you might guess, this eye black won’t let glare coming in your way. Thus, with glare out of your way, you would be better suited to catch the ball, even when the sun is right on top of you.

Final thoughts

Be it a novice or a veteran of the game, every baseball player hates dropping a catch. However, when the sun is signing right in front of your eyes, there is very little you could do if you don’t know how to mold the circumstances in your favor. If you follow the steps mentioned above you will most likely to successfully catch a fly ball.

We hope That our small guide will help you in the future while catching a fly ball.

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