Baseball Tips: How to Grip a Baseball Bat – Be A Better Hitter


From achieving greater bat speed to hitting one out of the park, the way a batter grips his baseball bat plays a key role in the success of that individual on the field. When a wrong grip just cannot generate enough strength, it eventually results in a weak shot being committed by that individual. Because if the player isn’t comfortable with the bat in his hand, he will never be able to play a successful shot in this manner.

How to Grip a Baseball Bat

While many players find it difficult to grip the bat with a positive approach, it actually is a really simple thing if one focuses on the basics.


The first and foremost thing which a batter should take into account is the placement of his hands on the bat. If he is a right hander, it should be his left hand which should be placed on the bottom side while holding the bat. Hold the bat in such a way that the fingers of your left hand should roll across the bat, thus controlling it in place of the palm. When such an arrangement allows a batter to have more control over his shot, it eventually helps him to make runs on a consistent basis. Coming towards the right hand, this one should be used for gripping, in a manner which is similar to that of his left hand.


Before going for a shot, try to maintain a lighter grip as this will allow you to strike hard in a comfortable manner. Because when a tighter grip will increase pressure on your muscles, it eventually deprives the batter from hitting one out of the park. Another thing which comes naturally with a lighter grip is the ease in the movement of the wrists. When a batter requires his wrists to work well while hitting a shot, it’s his grip which actually plays a critical role in this act. Because if wrists are bound to limit their movement, the batter just won’t create enough strength while swinging the shot. Talking about the ideal grip, it is one in which palm of the upper hand is facing upwards while that of lower hand is facing downwards.


As far as the upper portion of human body is concerned, it should be relaxed no matter how tough the competition is going to be in the next few shots. Try to show your anger while hitting the shot, not on the moment when the ball is coming towards your way. When it will help you to save enough energy for the big moment, batters will find it easy to hit hard in this manner. When it comes to shoulders, a batter should adjust them in a rather tilt position so that he can use them along with his wrists while hitting a shot.


Try to stay keep your movement steady and your body intact .Because if you’re maintain a slinging posture before hitting the shot, you won’t get anywhere. So take a deep breath, act on the above mentioned tips and you will be just fine while playing against your opponents.

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