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Ask baseball batters and they might testify that it is the bat speed which determines how much distance the ball covers. Yes, hitting the sweet spot is the best method to hit a home run, however, one cannot hit the sweet spot in every shot.

How to Improve Bat Speed

However, if you follow the aforementioned techniques, you could improve your bat speed once and for all. Consequently, you’ll be in a better position to knock the ball out of the park in your next match.

How to Perfect Your Batting Mechanics

Step # 1: Stance is supreme

Take a look at the best players and all of them have an athletic stance. If you also want to develop an athletic stance, follow these rules:

- Your feet should be shoulder width apart from each other

- Your knees should be bent

- Your but should be dropped to make sure you back is straightened

Although developing this stance might take a bit of practice, it will pay dividends both in the short and long run as you’ll be able to generate maximum power on every shot.

Step # 2: Grip it gorgeously

Never hold a bat as if someone is going to steal it from you. Your grip should be loose. Also, the bat should be in the proximity – or touching, the point where your fingers meet the palm. If you don’t do this, your control over the bat would be reduced. If you hide the bat in your palm, wrist action would be limited and you won’t be able to swing the bat easily.

Step # 3: Elbow to be dropped

When holding the bat, remember this: your front elbow should be pointing downward in a manner that the bat makes an angle of 45* behind the head. For, if your elbow is pointing upwards, your bat would have to cover more distance in the air to reach the striking zone. Consequently, your swing speed would become slow. Also, your back elbow should be a tad higher than the front one.

Step # 4: Shoulders should be relaxed

If you are tensed, your shoulders would be stiff. Hence, to relax your shoulders, get rid of all the tensions when you are batting. Thus, if you want to utilize your energy, use it for your swing and not for making your elbows stiff.

Step # 5: Whole body should be engaged

Some people think that the strength only comes from the upper body. It doesn’t. The strength which top players generate start from their legs moves up to the hips and rounds off by coming off through their arms to their bat. Thus, if you want to develop a quick, smooth swing, your entire body should be at work.

Step # 6: Follow through is important

In stark contrast to the common opinion, your shot doesn’t end the moment you hit the ball. Rather, it is your follow through which should end your shot. Thus, if you want to develop a powerful swing, make sure to go on with your shot. In other words, don’t stop midway and allow your body to swing freely after playing the shot.

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