How to Size a Baseball Bat


If you’re a baseball player who has been playing the game for years – or a novice who doesn’t know much, I’m sure that you’re aware of the importance of a perfectly sized baseball bat. In addition to improving your swing, the right baseball bat will elevate your overall performance.

Contrarily, if you have the wrong bat in your disposal, not only your performance but your confidence will also suffer. Consequently, it is very likely that you won’t reach your true potential. Hence, if you want to make a career out of baseball, choosing a right baseball bat is a must.

How to size a baseball bat

Things to Consider to size a Baseball Bat

There are some basic factors to consider before sizing the best baseball  bat. You should give these factors some attentions while buying a bat. We will discuss them below in great details.

Your comfort

There is one particular mistake which most newcomers make in choosing a baseball bat for themselves: they choose the bat which is in fashion. You need to remember that what is right for Barry Bonds won’t necessarily be right for you. Hence, when selecting a bat, keep your comfort level as the supreme deciding factor.

Your style of play

If you’re a player who wants to have maximum control over your bat, go for a lighter bat. In addition to giving you more control, the lighter bat will also have more swing speed. Consequently, you’ll have more time in tracing the ball trajectory. However, if you see yourself as a power hitter, go for a heavier bat.

The first try then buy

Before going for bat shopping, try your hands on the bats of your teammates. This advice is especially for those players who have just come into the game. By swinging those bats, you’ll automatically develop an inclination for one bat over others. As a result, your range of choices will be narrowed and you’ll have to spend less time in selecting your ideal bat.


If you’re playing in the youth league, you’re allowed to have a bat ranging from -7 to -13 in terms of drop weight. Most youth bats are 26 – 32’’ and have a barrel diameter of around 2 ¼’’. As for the Adult (aka BBCOR) bats, they have a -3drop, have a 2 5/8’’ barrel.

Their size varies from 29 to 35’’. Hence, depending on the league in which you are playing, choose your bats. Lastly, make sure you check your league’s rules and regulations for required stamps or other certifications that your bat needs to have.

Body build

Body build:If you’re strong, bulky and have a heavier body buildup, opt for a heavier bat. While the heavier bat would give you more power, your body build will allow you to have more control over it. Consequently, you’ll have an ideal swing bat with better power than a lighter bat.However, if you’re lean or don’t have a proper wrist action, go to a lighter bat. While you would have to sacrifice the power factor in this bat, it would allow you to have more control.

How to Size a Baseball Bat?

If you follow the steps mentioned below, it's almost guaranteed that you will end up with the bat of your dream. You will be a very happy customer if you follow these steps while buying. These steps are applicable for all kind of bats(BBCOR bat, Wood bat, Softball bat etc.

Step 1# -  First measure the distance from the center of your chest to the tip of your end finger. Make sure your arm is extended horizontally while making the measurement. It would be best if you take help of somebody else while carrying out the measurement.

Step 2# - Now, measure your height. For this, stand up next to a wall and ask somebody to measure the distance from the tip of your head to your foot thumb. Note down both these measurements.

Step 3# - Using the first two steps, you can use a bat sizing calculator to determine the ideal bat for you. However, if you don’t believe in the digits, roll on to Step number four.

Step 4# - Once the bat sizing calculator has selected an ideal bat size for you, choose the bat. Put it down (vertically) by your side. Stand upright and make sure that the bat is reaching the palm of your hand. If it doesn’t, reject this bat and go for the next option.

Step 5# - If you’re getting confused with the above-mentioned step, try this one. Attach the knob of the bat to the center of your chest. Now, try to grab the barrel of the bat. If you’re able to do so, this bat is the right size for you

Final Thoughts 

In sizing a baseball bat, only one thing should matter: your choice. While you can take heed from that of your coach or parents, it is imperative that you should be happy with the bat which you have chosen. Otherwise, nobody but you will share the blame when you won’t be able to perform with that bat.

Baseball Tips : How to Size a Baseball Bat(Video)

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