​"Education is not the learning
of facts, but the training of
the mind to think"

​ - Albert Einstein

Fans Roar Internet Marketing Scholarship

Have you ever thought – even in your wildest of dreams, that you would write an article on baseball and get paid for it? Well, we know that you didn’t! So, in a bid to lure more youngsters towards baseball – and ultimately towards a better, healthy, and smart life, we are going to award a $1000 scholarship to any student (Graduate or Undergraduate).

Why are we doing it?

The owner of this site found the cost of education can be hard to carry for some. Well, we’ve been through the same stage and we know for sure it’s tough. That’s why we decided to create this scholarship.

How to Participate?

  1. Take a Pen and Paper
  2. Recall your favorite memory or choose a topic on sports (baseball if possible).
  3. Write down the story (It should be your own, plagiarism won’t be tolerated!)
  4. Try to write the story within 1000 words
  5. Save your story in Word format
  6. Title the Story “______”
  7. Email us your story at scholarship@fansroar.com
  8. Things to Mention: Name, College, Year in which you are graduating/have graduated, Major Subjects, Phone Numbers(optional), Email or any other info with which we could reach you.

Note: If you’ve decided to enter this competition, you’ve given us the Permission to use your essay, surname, maiden name, last name, your college, the course of study, and majors on our website and its affiliated counterparts. If you have included other subjects in your story, you’re responsible for obtaining necessary waivers/permissions. Finally, if we find out that you’ve sent copyright material, your application would not be considered. Application deadline is 31st of December.

Steve Jobs

​As Rigs Mckenna ​once ​said, ​the ​best Marketing is Educatio

​If you have been selected by our jury of judges, a $1000 check would be sent to your financial aid department under your account or to your bank.

This is an annual scholarship. In case you didn’t win the prize this year, we sincerely encourage you to re-apply next year.

This Scholarship is Sponsored by “FansRoar.com​​​​

Provided that your name pops out as the winner, we will notify you via the email address you’ve provided. You are required to reply within ten days after receiving the Email. If you don’t, we CAN award the scholarship to some other candidate.

We won’t flood your Email with marketing messages nor do will we use your contact information for the same.